30-Year-Old, Levi Flatt, Arrested After Posting Video With Explosives, Officials Say

30-Year-Old, Levi Flatt, Arrested After Posting Video With Explosives, Officials Say – According to WSMV, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office in Tennessee collaborated with ATF officials to detain an unstable guy who was in possession of explosive materials. The individual was found in the state of Tennessee. On Monday, deputies reported receiving a tip concerning a video that was released online, in which a man could be heard stating, “Hey ATF, let me know if this is legal.”

A pipe bomb, a pound of Tannerite, and a wine bottle full of fuel.” Levi Flatt, 30, from Putnam County, Tennessee, was named as the individual shown in the video by law enforcement officials. A search warrant was issued after ATF agents were notified, it was discovered that Flatt possessed sufficient ingredients to manufacture a bomb, and Flatt was arrested. Later on the same day, two ATF agents reported that they saw Flatt leave his house in a white Chevrolet van.

They made their observation later in the day. After following the vehicle to the parking lot of the Putnam County Highway Department, the agents went on to Walmart, where the individual made a purchase of a propane tank. After exiting the Walmart parking lot, the agents noticed that Flatt was heading in the direction of the Putnam County Fairgrounds. while a result, deputies moved in to conduct a stop on Flatt while he was travelling in that way.

Agents claimed that Flatt confirmed during his detention that the explosive device seen on camera was hidden inside a blue cooler inside the van. The Tennessee Highway Patrol’s bomb squad was dispatched to the location, where they examined the car with the assistance of a retrieval robot. The search led to the discovery of roughly 160 rounds of ammunition, one handgun with a modified serial number, approximately 160 pipe bombs, two Molotov cocktails, a flak jacket, and a shield, according to the officials.

The home of Flatt’s mother, which is located in Baxter and is his known abode, was also searched. Late on Monday night, Flatt was taken into custody and charged with the possession of illegal firearms as well as the change of serial numbers. He is being kept in jail without the possibility of bond, and his court date is set for August 16th.

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