Adam Amosun Obituary, Dover, New Hampshire Resident has Passed Away

Adam Amosun Obituary, Death – The sad and unexpected passing of Adam Amosun has left a large number of people in a state of disbelief. This is evidence of what a charismatic and amusing person Adam Amosun was. It is not often that you visit the memorial page of a deceased person and find yourself laughing through your sorrow.

Because he was such a joy to work with and made everyone around him laugh, all of us are really heartbroken to hear the news of his early passing. He was someone who made everyone around him smile. He was the kind of person who could make anyone around him laugh and smile. After giving you anything for free, he was the kind of person who would take off his shirt, dance in the street on the way home, and then put it back on again.

That description fits him to a tee. Sincerity forces me to admit that as soon as he walked into the bar, I felt a tinge of unease. I knew that this meant that everyone else was going to stay out late and joke around with him, and I didn’t want to be left out of the fun. Sincerity also compels me to acknowledge that I would experience some level of apprehension whenever he entered the bar or restaurant where we were having our conversation.

Because of the possibility of that happening, I feel a great desire to spend one more late night in his company, taking in his infectious laugh as it fills the room. The reason for this strong drive is because of the possibility of that happening. Already, the absence of his presence among us is being keenly felt by each and every one of us. During this difficult time, I would ask that you please accept my condolences on behalf of his family and the friends and loved ones he has left behind.

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