AJ Estep Obituary, Employee of Tide 100.9 Has Died As A Result Of Muscular Dystrophy

AJ Estep Obituary, Death – Yesterday evening, AJ Estep, who was featured in the episode as AJ in Verbena, passed away. When I first met AJ, he was working at the radio station that is now known as Tide 100.9 but back then it was called 99.1. He suffered from muscular dystrophy during the entirety of my time spent with him. I don’t recall ever hearing him complain about his health in any way.

He was a devoted daily listener to our show as well as a committed follower of the Crimson Tide. He was also a frequent caller who never hesitated to defend Saban and the Crimson Tide or simply offer his thoughts on the topic. On Saturday night, I decided to give AJ a call to pray with him and have a conversation about his salvation. After offering some encouraging passages to the group, he turned to Ryan and remarked, “Ryan, I have no doubt that I will be in heaven.”

The exact words that came out of his mouth were, “I am going to trade this wheelchair for a new set of legs.” When I hung up the phone, I found myself at a loss for words; I couldn’t fathom how someone who had so little time left on this earth could have such a cheerful outlook. This kind of tranquility is attainable only through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

I found out about AJ’s passing from a message that his mother had sent to me late last night. I instantly gave her a call and prayed with her over the phone. Today, my hope is that God will offer consolation and serenity to his mother, as well as to the rest of his family and friends. I can’t even begin to fathom what it would be like to lose a kid, but I take comfort in the knowledge that AJ is now rejoicing in the presence of Jesus.
When I have more information regarding the specific funeral arrangements, I will be sure to keep you updated. May all of those who knew him be blessed. Keep the faith, Estep, A.J.;

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