Annette Naab Obituary, Derby NY, 26-Year-Old Charged with Second-Degree Manslaughter

Annette Naab Obituary, Death – Around one in the morning on Sunday, 26-year-old Lindsay Naab ran her 57-year-old mother Annette Naab over with an SUV at a campground in Wolcott. Lindsay has been accused of felony DWI, first-degree vehicular manslaughter, and second-degree manslaughter.

Early Sunday morning, a family camping excursion turned fatal. Owner of the campground Steve Lader said, “They were here for a day and a half, and I probably had five or six conversations with them, and there was nothing that would have led to anything of that magnitude.” Simply put, “It was a tragedy.”

Police said that around 1 a.m. on Sunday, Lindsay Naab, 26, drove her SUV over her mother Annette Naab, 57, at a campground in Wolcott. Lader added, “I know there was fighting going on because some of the nearby campers heard it. As they began to emerge, it had already begun to unfurl as they were growing concerned.

Emergency personnel and campers tried to save Annette’s life but were unsuccessful. Chest compressions were being performed by everyone, and no one stopped for at least an hour, according to Lader. “They placed her in the ambulance and continued to do so.” Charges against Lindsay Naab include felony DWI, first-degree vehicular manslaughter, and second-degree manslaughter.

Lader thinks the entire incident was an accident. Nothing I learned from the interactions I had made me think that these guys were cruel, Lader claimed. Simply said, “They weren’t that kind of people.” Naab has been freed from incarceration, according to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office jail inmate list.


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