Bernice Bailer Obituary, A Native of York, Pennsylvania Has Suddenly Passed Away

Bernice Bailer Obituary, Death – Due to the arrival of a new member today, the total number of Angels that reside in Heaven has climbed by one. During the time that Bernice and I worked at the same hospital, we were given the same office, and we split it between the two of us. Because of an unexpected visitor to their house, the life of another individual had to be cut short. Our hearts go out to her children and grandchildren, as well as the rest of her family and friends who are hurting because of her loss.

Please know that you have our sincere sympathy. My heart leaps with delight at the news, my dear friend, that you have finally found your way back to your kid, who, I am certain, was waiting with his arms open for your arrival. I have no doubt that he was holding out his arms in eager expectation of your homecoming. In light of this, please accept my sincerest condolences. Everyone took part in the activity, and everyone had a fantastic time.

At this point in time, her child had accompanied her on her journey to heaven and joined her there.
How absolutely awful that must be. My time spent working with Bernice was without a doubt one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences of my career. She was the picture of a kind and demure lady in every way. My thoughts and prayers are with her and all of her loved ones during this difficult time. I am sad for the loss they have suffered.

It makes me feel terrible to learn of the loss you had to go through. Please know that you, her family, and all of your loved ones are in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. I am overcome with sorrow to learn about the loss you suffered. My deepest condolences go out to all who have been impacted as well as the loved ones of those who have passed away as a result of this tragedy.

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