Brad Houser Obituary, Austin, Texas Resident has Passed Away

Brad Houser Obituary,  Death – The day before yesterday was when Brad Houser took his final breath and departed this earth. Everyone in our community liked and respected him, and he had a lot of fans there. He has been the guy in charge of trademark models for more than twenty years, and for a long amount of time, he was a key member of the Reverend artist family.

His tenure as the man in charge of trademark models spans over twenty years. As time went on and they were more familiar with one another, the vast majority of our artists became really good friends with one another. This occurred as they advanced in their careers as musicians and became more acquainted with one another.

This is the case for the overwhelming majority of our artists and for the majority of our artists in general. He included himself as a part of the group that was being questioned and listed himself among its other members. In light of the fact that I have such strong feelings of affection for him, overcoming this obstacle without him by my side will be an extremely difficult task for me to accomplish.

I don’t think I’ll ever get over how much I’m going to miss him. Both the bassist for Hello Mary, Mikaela Oppenheimer, and the bassist for Sincere Engineer, Nick Arvanitis, who are now on tour with the band, are utilizing his Fatfish bass. The topic that you are referring to was at the core of our most recent discussion, which took place not too long ago. During this dreadful time, we will keep his family and friends in our thoughts and prayers as much as possible.

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