Brandon Savoy Motorcycle Accident, Bradford Resident died In Accident

Brandon Savoy Motorcycle Accident, Death – One person was killed in a collision that occurred on Tuesday in the municipality of Bradford West Gwillimbury. The incident involved two vehicles. There were two automobiles involved in the crash. The occurrence took happened on a Tuesday the day of the week.

Despite the efforts of those who attempted to preserve the life of the motorcyclist at the scene of the accident where he was involved in the collision, the biker was pronounced dead at the scene of the collision where he was involved in the collision. At the time of the collision, the rider was a man from East Gwillimbury who was 25 years old.

After the collision, the person who was driving the second car remained to maintain control of it even though it was still going after it had been involved in the accident. Officers from the Traffic and Marine Unit were dispatched to the scene of a collision in order to conduct a reconstruction investigation. In order to complete their investigation, they are currently looking for assistance from the general public.

If you have any information that could help them, please let them know. Please get in touch with them at the number shown below if you have any information that would be of use to them. Constable Pinho requests that anyone who may have information on this occurrence or film from security or dash cams get in touch with him at either of the following numbers: 905-775-3311 or 705-436-2141, extension 2017, or by email.




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