Bruce Beard Obituary, Youngstown Ohio, Founder of CSLI-Northeast Ohio, Has Died

Bruce Beard Obituary, Death – We got horrible news yesterday. Bruce Beard, our founder, friend, and mentor, died yesterday. It was sudden and unexpected, shocking us all. We mourn his demise and his lovely family. Bruce and Phyllis’ trust in Jesus Christ’s community power led him to launch the NEOH branch in 2013.

10 years later, we recall his devotion to us and Jesus Christ with joy and sadness. Bruce lit a fire in Youngstown that united you. He was proud of all our graduates and staff. He cared for us. He generously supported discipleship beyond the first commitment. That was Bruce. I know Dan, Bryan, Daniel, and Josh are thrilled to have served with him for God’s glory.

Imagine he was “surprised by joy” to see his Savior yesterday. We will miss him. Please pray for his beautiful wife Phyllis, his son Evan and wife Anya, his daughter Elizabeth and her husband Rodrigo, and all the grandchildren. Let communal prayers give them strength, peace, and hope. Bruce Beard joined Glory yesterday, which saddens us. Bruce was a loving spouse to Phyllis who knew he had found his match.

He admired her character, how she fostered his faith in Christ, and how she shared her art. He loved his children and grandchildren and nurtured their talents as a proud father and grandfather. Bruce founded CSLI-Northeast Ohio in 2013, mentored many young guys, found brilliant people and helped them grow, and loved Jesus. We respected and sought advice from Bruce, our friend. Bruce became a mentor and advisory board chairman at CSLI-Naples after moving to Fort Myers, Florida.

Bruce’s vision for God’s potential in others will be missed. His enthusiasm for life, sports, fishing, and socializing were characteristics. Most significantly, Bruce delivered his amazing testimony of how Jesus Christ had saved him and given him joy on earth and everlasting life. Bruce is more alive than ever with Jesus, thus we celebrate. Please pray for Phyllis and Bruce’s family that they would find peace, comfort, and presence in our Lord Jesus Christ, who weeps with us.

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