Car Accident: Markdale Ontario, Hannah Ralph Hospitalized Following Crash, GoFundMe Opened

Hannah Ralph Accident – Carolyn and Mike Ralph were confronted with the unimaginable on Saturday, August 5 when they received an emergency warning that their daughter Hannah (age 21) had been involved in a bizarre accident while driving. With many fractures to her neck, pelvis, legs, and arms, as well as lacerations to her face and fractures to her nose and orbital bones, Hannah sustained life-threatening wounds.

She was transferred to Markdale Hospital, where she underwent many surgeries before being flown to Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. To give her body time to recuperate, they are keeping her unconscious for the time being. We don’t yet have a whole picture. She is still being kept alive by an intubation. The path to rehabilitation will be difficult and untried. The medical professionals are now putting their all into Hannah’s full recovery. We believe she will be able to walk once more with enough time and help.

This amazing young woman has been putting in the time and effort necessary to advance in her potential music career. Hannah is a remarkable young lady who still has a long way to go. She’s a great friend, big sister, musician, and daughter. She has a strong sense of self and is undoubtedly a fighter. We are eager to hear her play the ukulele once more.

She is one of the hardest persons we know and will undoubtedly give it her all to get through the obstacles in her way. The family will need our assistance during this difficult period as they will have to spend some time away from their home and jobs. Updates will be given as soon as they are available. She will require intensive physical and occupational treatment, as well as mobility aids, services, and house modifications like an accessibility ramp.

Please offer Hannah and her family all of your good vibes, prayers, and thoughts. Right now, everything counts. Please lend us any assistance you can so we can help the Ralphs. All donations raised will be used to support Hannah’s rehabilitation and assist her deal with this period and the additional costs brought on by the tragedy. We appreciate your assistance in providing them with our love and support. We are incredibly appreciative to our community. Click HERE to support the family.

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