Car Accident: Odalis Urena, Identified as Victim of Syosset, NY, Fatal Crash

Odalis Urena Accident, Death – After a drunk driving accident that resulted in the deaths of two people in Laurel Hollow on Saturday, an individual from Syosset was arraigned the following day. During Sunday’s arraignment of Soritios Spanos, many people in the courtroom shed tears.

The bereaved members of the families of the two people whose deaths Spanos is suspected of causing gathered at the courthouse to watch Spanos appear before the judge to face a long number of charges. Syosset resident Spanos, 32, was driving an Acura MDX 2023 eastbound on Northern Boulevard near Moored Hill Road when, according to the police, he drove over the yellow border and collided with a Ferrari heading westbound on the same road.

According to the police report, a female passenger in the Ferrari who was 37 years old passed away at the site. A male motorist, also 37 years old, was confirmed dead after being taken to a nearby hospital by emergency medical personnel. Ismenia Urena and Odalis Urena were identified as the victims in the documents filed with the court. According to the police, Spanos did not flee the scene.

According to the evidence presented in court, Spanos voluntarily submitted to a preliminary breath test at the scene of the accident, which revealed that he had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.226 percent, which is nearly three times the permissible limit. He was taken into custody without a fight.
In addition to driving while intoxicated and recklessly, he was charged with aggravated vehicular murder, two charges of manslaughter, and two counts of assault.

The attorney for Spanos has stated that his client is presumed innocent until proven guilty. “This was a tragedy that resulted in the deaths of two people, and the entire family is sorry for the consequences. However, I would like for everyone to remember that not every accident results in criminal responsibility. Please keep that in mind.” “And I ask that everyone be patient while the facts of this case are being thoroughly investigated,” stated Defense Attorney Steven Epstein.

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