Chris Ryan Obituary, Marshall, Virginia, Chris Ryan Has Died

Chris Ryan Obituary, Death- Christopher J. Ryan III, who is now retired from the Navy’s Rescue Force The old proverb goes, “A happy heart makes a cheerful countenance…

” –13 of the Proverbs of the NKJV Christopher J. Ryan III took his last flight to the great beyond on Sunday, June 2, 2013, as he was surrounded by those he loved. His infectious smile faded, and his laughing came to an end as he made his journey.

He fought a brave struggle against pancreatic cancer and then passed away without any suffering or regrets, upholding the honorable traditions of the armed forces. Christopher Joseph Ryan III was born on November 1, 1954, in Newark, New Jersey to Christopher J. and Mary M. Ryan, both of whom had passed away before he was born.

Christopher Joseph Ryan III is the third child of Christopher J. and Mary M. Ryan. Because he was the only boy in a family of four daughters, he often joked that his parents considered him to be their “favorite son.” Chris, who was good-looking and tough, succeeded in both the classroom and on the sports field during his time in high school.

He became the student-athlete and the gentleman that every lady aspired to date. He received degrees in Engineering and International Security Affairs from the United States Naval Academy, which is located in Annapolis, Maryland. He graduated from the academy in 1977. He flew combat missions in the war-torn battlefields of the North Atlantic, the Mediterranean.

and the Persian Gulf while serving as a naval helicopter pilot aboard the USS Eisenhower. In 1985, he separated from active duty in order to begin working as an operations supervisor for Johnson and Johnson Corporation in Milltown, New Jersey. But his passion for the Navy brought him back to active duty through the Naval Reserve.

During the time that he was serving in the military again, he put his civilian life on wait in order to fly support missions during Desert Shield and Desert Storm. After Desert Storm was over, Chris went back to work in the private sector and got a job at Hampton Roads Metal Systems in Portsmouth. It wasn’t until 1995 that he established Quality Fabricators, Inc.

a manufacturing company that specializes in HVAC and shipboard systems. A marketing and manufacturing division of Q.F.I., AVX was established by him in the year 1997. Chris had just started a new chapter in his life by becoming the proud proprietor of a thriving used car business in Newport News when he met his untimely end.

Chris Ryan took pleasure in life and acknowledged his good fortune for each new day. Chris was the life of the party no matter what activity he was engaged in, whether it was a round of golf or body surfing at the beach. Even though he was going through a difficult period that lasted for five months, he never failed to greet each day with a smile and a song in his heart.

He never came across a person that he didn’t get along with, and he was always able to see the best in other people. In the years to come, people will remember him for having said things like, “Be nice—it costs you nothing.” Everything was filtered through his unique perspective, and he managed to find humor in even the most dire of circumstances.

Chris took great amusement in joking that the family pet, Gypsy, a petite Maltese mix, was actually his “Golden Retriever” in miniature form. His upbeat and optimistic perspective on life will be sorely missed. His loving wife, Eva, and his devoted daughter, Alison, as well as his four sisters, Mary Ellen O’Connor (Dennis), Jane Pattwell (Marty), Noreen Strohmenger, and Amy Smith (Chris).

as well as his hospice nurse, Stephany Fishchl, to whom we are indebted, as well as a large number of his nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends, are all that is left to cherish his precious memory. Donations can be sent to the Heartland Hospice Memorial Fund.

which can be found at 5029 Corporate Wood Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462. Those who prefer to memorialize Chris in a way that is more concrete are encouraged to do so. They have calm hearts because they put their trust in the Lord, so they won’t be shaken when they hear unpleasant news.

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