Daniel Courtade Obituary, Long-Time Resident of Fort Thomas ,KY, Has Passed Away

Daniel Courtade Obituary, Death – Daniel Courtade, a longtime and cherished citizen of Fort Thomas, Kentucky, died away peacefully on July 27, 2023. The town and its residents say goodbye to a man whose contributions have left a lasting impression on them with heavy hearts. Daniel Courtade was a cornerstone of the community of Fort Thomas throughout his whole life.

He was born there on March 12, 1945. All who had the honor of knowing him felt his presence; he truly embodied kindness, compassion, and selflessness. Throughout his life, Daniel enthusiastically participated in numerous community projects and volunteered countless hours. He frequently organized fundraisers for neighborhood charities and offered assistance to individuals in need.

Many found solace in his kind smile and compassionate demeanor, and he had a remarkable knack for relating to people from all walks of life. In addition to his charitable work, Daniel was a successful professional. He spent more than three decades as a reputable educator, making a difference in the lives of many pupils as a committed teacher and mentor.

Both pupils and coworkers admired and respected him for his dedication to fostering young minds via education. Daniel Courtade was a passionate outdoorsman and admirer of the natural world. He promoted an awareness of the environment among his friends and students by frequently being spotted hiking in the neighboring parks and trails.

Daniel was a loving spouse, father, and grandfather in his personal life. His family and his house were inseparable, and he had an unbreakable tie with them. As word of Daniel’s demise spreads throughout the neighborhood, there is an overwhelming sense of sorrow as well as a deep appreciation for the contribution he made while he was among us. The people whose lives he touched will never forget him or his legacy of generosity, devotion, and love for others.

Daniel Courtade’s life will be celebrated at a memorial service on August 2, 2023, at St. Mary’s Church in Fort Thomas. This great man’s friends, family, and neighbors are asked to gather to honor his life and draw comfort from one another’s support during this trying time. Even though he’s gone, his spirit will continue to inspire love and compassion in everyone who remembers him.

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