Dennis Hernandez, Aaron Hernandez Brother, DJ Arrested For Planning Shootings at Brown University

Dennis Hernandez – The younger brother of former Patriots player Aaron Hernandez, DJ Hernandez, was detained last week on allegations that he had planned shootings at Brown University and UConn.
DJ Hernandez, Aaron Hernandez’s brother, has been detained four times so far this year. This time, according to the most recent arrest warrant, for organizing school shootings.

Last Tuesday, Dennis “DJ” Hernandez, 37, was taken into custody in a Bristol, Connecticut, residence on Church Street. According to the investigation, several people expressed worries about Hernandez’s mental health earlier this month, claiming that he was acting erratically and might try to harm someone. According to the complaint, one lady informed police he intended to visit Brown and UConn to “map the schools out,” which she thought was because he was preparing for school shootings.

Hernandez was supposed to appear in court on July 7, but according to the police report, he instead drove to both campuses in his ex-girlfriend’s car and “went into a number of classrooms and buildings” at UConn. His former girlfriend said to authorities that he afterward began ranting about the incident and declared he “has a bullet for everyone.” Hernandez allegedly used “threatening and concerning language” in social media posts, according to the police. The police said, “Dennis was gravely disabled and a danger to society.”

Bristol police surrounded the Church Street residence on July 18; at the time, two youngsters were reportedly living there. Hernandez allegedly threatened to kill the officers if they approached, saying he was armed. He then allegedly shouted “Shoot me” and ran out of the house while dodging the officers’ orders, according to the police report. Hernandez was subdued by police using a stun gun, and they then arrested him.

Hernandez allegedly continued to make threats after his arrest, claiming that he planned to kill everyone who took advantage of his brother and especially mentioned ESPN. Bail for Hernandez was set at $250,000. He was detained earlier this year after hurling a bag containing a brick and a note over a fence and onto ESPN’s offices. “To all media outlets, It’s about time you all realized the impact media has on every family member,” the note read.

Given your position as a global leader, perhaps you might set the example for the brick-by-brick distribution of media and messaging. Organize it! Dennis J. Hernandez, sincerely, the police said. In the middle of the 2000s, Hernandez played both quarterback and wide receiver for UConn. From 2011 to 2012, Hernandez coached Brown’s quarterbacks. Officials at Brown claimed that they took preventative measures after being notified by Bristol police about the alleged threats.

“Our investigation to date indicates that Hernandez has not been on Brown’s campus in recent weeks,” the statement read. “Despite reports of an alleged visit to Providence,” the statement read. We continue to communicate with our Connecticut law enforcement partners who are leading the investigation because of the alleged threats’ nature.


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