Doctor Alburger Obituary, Doctor Alburger Has Unexpectedly Passed Away

Doctor Alburger Obituary, Death – Yesterday, I had a conversation with Dr. Ames, and during our conversation, he informed me that Dr. Alburger had passed away. Even though I am aware that no one can live forever, I genuinely wish that I had been able to pay my respects to him one final time before he died away. Whenever I ponder about the role he had in preventing the tragedy that took my life in 1995, I am reminded of how much I will miss him.

This was the world-famous orthopaedic surgeon who carried out the operation to correct my extremely impossible scoliosis. Because of the severity of my scoliosis, I had a little window of opportunity to survive if I didn’t receive the surgery, and the same was true even if I did. I was the first case of its kind in both the United States of America and all across the world. I give thanks to God for sending this man to intervene and save my life.

He did an excellent job, and I am still reaping the benefits of his talent and attention to this day. During my visits to his office, he and my late grandmother used to have the greatest of times, and I recall how hard they both fought and advocated for me. I am thankful for the memories I have of those times. The same thing happened to me, and I recall them both standing over me and shouting my name each time I passed out while I was on the operating table and needed to be revived.

I ended up passing away a total of three times, but the LORD God brought me back to life each time. When I first heard the news the day before, I didn’t appear to cry; instead, I felt an overwhelming sense of loss. However, as I write this in the morning, tears are coming to my eyes. Dr. Alburger, you were my guardian angel here on earth, and I will be eternally thankful to you. Although you are no longer with us, you will never be forgotten. #MsHolinessTM (Miss Holyness)

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