Domenic Sabato Obituary, Member Of CFMEU SA Has Passed Away

Domenic Sabato Obituary Death -Domenic Sabato, a cherished member of our community, passed away unexpectedly on the AFS Tower Site on Saturday, August 5th. The construction company Built employed him as a labourer. On the job site, he was known as a top bloke who was always willing to put in hard effort and was courteous toward everyone.

My most vivid recollection of the man is of him stopping the elevator (for a period of twenty minutes). to check in on me and make sure I was all right. You were loved by many people, and he will be sorely missed. In addition, I would want to thank Built for allowing me to post on that website this morning in order to say goodbye to Dom. On the job site, one of my very best friends.  Those are certain things you stated to me about life that I’m never going to forget. You were the hardest worker at the construction site.

I have a lot of things I want to say to you, but it’s hard for me to put into words how I’ve been feeling since I found out about you. I already told you that life is just too short. You will be remembered fondly throughout the rest of my life and our experiences. RIP Dom, A real life hero in every sense of the word. Simply his presence would elevate the quality of the work environment to a higher level. Will miss catching up with you over the phone. Extremely upsetting, and you will be much missed by so many I am going to miss you, pal, and I will never, ever forget you. We shared a lot of laughter together, but I still can’t forgive you for the coffee accident. Rip, brother, give me a hug.

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