Donna Peterson Obituary, Resident Of Canton, Died At 93

Donna Peterson Obituary, Death- On September 9, 2023, Donna Mae Peterson, who had been living in Canton, Ohio, passed away at the Carroll Healthcare Center in Carrollton. She was 93 years old.

She was the daughter of the late Charles Grimes and Viola (Davis) Grimes, and she was born on June 19, 1930. Her parents both passed away before she was born. in the city of Canton, which is located in Ohio. Donna was a member of the Heaven’s Edge Apostolic Church in Carrollton, which is where she went to worship services. She took great pleasure in it.

She filled her time by doing things like reading the Bible, beautifying her home, and writing letters to her friends, family, and other loved ones. Her daughter Joy Clemson, her sister Nina Baker, and a vast number of other family and friends are among those who will miss her after her passing.

in addition to grandchildren, great grandchildren, and a number of great-great grandchildren, she has a daughter-in-law named Vicky Peterson and a son-in-law named Roger Buxton. She also has a number of great-great grandchildren. er son Chuck Peterson, both of her parents, and both of her sisters passed away before she did, as did both of her parents. Her son Chuck Peterson also died before she did.

Sherry (Richard) Lambert and Cheryl Buxton are sisters, and their daughters, Cheryl and Sherry (Richard) Lambert, are both named Sherry (Richard). Clayton, Wayne, Bill, and Bob Grimes are the four brothers that make up the Grimes family. In addition to this, her mother had passed away before she did.

The year 2010 marked the beginning of my romantic relationship with Dale A. Dively. At the Dodds Funeral Home on the morning of Thursday, September 14, 2023 at eleven o’clock, funeral services will be held for a deceased individual.

The event was presided over by Pastor Bill Grimes and took place at a funeral home in Carrollton, Georgia. The cemetery that the burial will take place at is The burial ground that can be found in Perrysville. Beginning at ten in the morning and continuing all the way up until the start of the services at twelve, there will be a visitation.

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