Ed Watson Obituary, Retired Lt of Spartanburg Fire Department Has Sadly Died

Ed Watson Obituary, Death – Yesterday, Lt. Ed Watson lost his life in an accident that involved an automobile, and the collision was ultimately the cause of his passing. The staff of the department is heartbroken to inform everyone that he has passed away, and they wish to express their condolences to each and every one of his friends and family members. The collision was the determining factor that led to the catastrophe that ensued.

At this stage, several of the particulars of the plan have not yet been worked out to their final shape.
Charles “Ed” Watson has been filling the duty of serving in this capacity since February 2nd of the year 1990. This date marks the beginning of his tenure in this role. On October 4, 2011, the same day that he made the formal debut of his retirement, he also stopped working in this capacity for the very last time. This day marked the end of his career in this capacity.

After taking some time off on October 16, 2011, Lieutenant Watson reported for duty with the Spartanburg Fire Department as he had been scheduled to do. This was in accordance with what had been discussed previously. This was the plan from the very beginning. He continued to serve in that role up to the 8th of April, 2014, when he officially tendered his resignation from his post as Lieutenant at Hillcrest Station 5 and resigned from the police force. Prior to that, he had served in that capacity for the entirety of his career. After that, he never stopped serving in that role all the way up until the conclusion of his professional life. Prior to that, he had continued to serve in that position during his entire time in the military.

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