Eddie Tester Obituary, Johnson County Sheriff Has Unexpectedly Passed Away

Eddie Tester Obituary, Death – Eddie Tester has sadly passed away. It is with heavy hearts that we mourn the unexpected passing of Johnson County Sheriff Eddie Tester, a dedicated and compassionate leader who leaves behind a legacy of service and friendship.

Sheriff Tester’s sudden departure has left a void that will not easily be filled, but his memory and impact will continue to resonate within our community. Chief Deputy Clifton Worley now steps into the role of acting sheriff, temporarily shouldering the responsibilities that Sheriff Tester so diligently fulfilled. As those who worked closely with him attest, Sheriff Tester’s work ethic was nothing short of prolific.

He possessed an unwavering commitment to his duties, often going above and beyond the call of duty to serve his community. Sheriff Tester’s dedication was not limited to his office; he had a longstanding history of service. Prior to his election as sheriff in 2018, he served as a paramedic, dispatcher, state trooper, volunteer firefighter, and firearms instructor.

His diverse experience and tireless commitment to public safety showcased his exceptional character. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Sheriff Tester was known for his warmth and camaraderie. Johnson County Mayor Larry Potter fondly recalls their conversations, where they discussed life and county government.

Sheriff Tester’s genuine concern for his fellow citizens and his willingness to lend a helping hand were truly remarkable. In his role as sheriff, Tester consistently demonstrated his devotion to the well-being of the community. He was a familiar presence, tirelessly patrolling the county and responding to emergencies without hesitation. His dedication to serving and protecting was unwavering, and his commitment to nurturing the next generation of first responders underscored his desire to leave a lasting impact.

As we come to terms with the loss of Sheriff Tester, our hearts go out to his family, friends, and colleagues who knew him best. His memory will serve as a guiding light, inspiring us to emulate his selflessness and dedication to others. While we mourn the passing of a dear friend and leader, we are reminded of his words: “If you need me, let me know.”

The community will gather to pay tribute to Sheriff Eddie Tester during a funeral service at the Johnson County High School gymnasium on Wednesday. Johnson County Schools and county offices will close in honor of his memory. As we bid farewell to a beloved sheriff and friend, let us come together to celebrate his legacy and the positive impact he had on countless lives.

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