Eli Perrin Obituary, Resident Of Arkadelphia Has Passed Away

Eli Perrin Obituary Death – It was early on Tuesday morning when the body of a young man from Arkadelphia was found three counties to the east of his residence. The investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Arkadelphia resident Eli Perrin, age 21, is being headed up by the Warren Police Department. According to a news release issued by the Warren police department, the corpse of Perrin was discovered at approximately 5:12 a.m.

in a parking lot located on the corner of Gannaway and Church streets in the city of Warren, which is located in Bradley County. Officers arrived on the scene and determined that Perrin’s car had been involved in a single-vehicle accident approximately three miles outside of the city limits on Highway 8. Earlier on in the morning, the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office had conducted an investigation into that collision. The officials in Bradley County have stated that the vehicle “appeared to have veered off the highway and struck a light pole.

However, the driver of the vehicle fled the scene without taking it with them. At the time of the collision, there was no one else present at the scene. Clark County Sheriff Jason Watson stated that his office was made aware of the collision when officers from Bradley County sought to check the address that was given on Perrin’s driver’s license, which they discovered at the scene. According to what Watson said to The Arkadelphian, “Our involvement was to see if he was at the residence.” According to the Warren police, Perrin’s body has been processed, and it will be transported to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory in order to undergo an autopsy and have the cause of death investigated. A criminal investigation into the occurrence has been opened, and the results from the Arkansas Medical Examiner’s Office are being awaited.



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