Eloise Cohen Obituary, Member Of The TOArts Board, Has Died

Eloise Cohen Obituary, Death- We are deeply sorry for Eloise Cohen’s decision to step down from her position on the TOArts Board due to the fact that she was not just a dear friend.

but also an influential and steadfast supporter of the arts among the younger generations. Even though her passing was quite peaceful, it has nevertheless left a hole in all of our hearts. Eloise was a devoted advocate for the arts and educational opportunities throughout the entirety of her life. She was also an avid reader.

Eloise continued the heritage that was started by her father by promoting the development of the arts throughout our entire community. In addition to pursuing her own career as a photographer, Eloise carried on the legacy that was started by her father.

In addition to this, it was up to her to carry on the custom that had been established by her paternal grandfather. Because of the impact that she has made on TOArts and because of the selfless dedication that she has shown toward expanding accessibility, fostering inclusivity, and offering opportunities to everyone in our community, we will be forever obliged to her.

Because of these things, we will be thankful to her until the end of time and for all eternity. Everyone will experience loss in their own special way in response to her demise. When I heard about Eloise’s passing, I found that I was absolutely speechless and unable to express how I felt. She was an incredible woman who played an important role in the neighborhood in which we resided. Everyone will experience loss in their own special way in response to her demise.

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