Eugene Gordon Obituary, A Member Of Insulators And Allied Workers Local 24 Has Died

Eugene Gordon Obituary, Death – After a protracted struggle against illness, Retired Brother Eugene Gordon, Jr., Registration #18135 passed away on Monday, August 14, 2023. His passing occurred on that day. He had been suffering from his terrible health for a considerable amount of time. Insulators and Allied Workers Local #24 has received a significant hit as a direct result of the recent news, and its officers and members feel horrible about being obliged to relay this information to the organization’s other members despite the fact that they feel dreadful about being required to do so despite the fact that they feel terrible about being required to do so.

This summer, Gene will be celebrating his 100th birthday, and in 2022, he will be honored by Local 24 for the 70 years of service he has offered to the organization. Gene will turn 100 years old this summer. This next summer, Gene will celebrate his 100th birthday. Gene’s birthday falls in the middle of summer, which is typically the hottest time of the year. The fact that Gene’s birthday landed smack dab in the middle of the summer this year made for a particularly pleasurable celebration of the occasion.

The Christian burial service will take place at Nativity Catholic Church on Saturday, August 19, 2023, at eleven in the morning. The date and time are subject to change. There is some flexibility with both the date and the hour. At this moment, neither the hour nor the day of the event have been selected for certain in any way. The Nativity Catholic Church may be located at 6400 Nativity Lane, Burke, Virginia 22015. The zip code for this location is 22015. It is possible to find this spot in the landmass that is known as the United States of America.

There is a chance that you will find what you’re looking for in that location. There is a possibility that it will be in that location. During this time of extreme difficulty, the Gordon family requests that your thoughts and prayers be directed toward them and their loved ones. Thank you for your consideration and compassion. Please remember them in your prayers and keep them in your thoughts. I am thankful to you for considering this, as well as for your support of me in this endeavor.

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