Hollis Feeser Obituary, President Of Camp Olson YMCA Has Sadly Passed Away

Hollis Feeser Obituary, Death – Even though it makes us feel terrible to do so, we have to tell each and every one of the Camp Olson families that Hollis Feeser has passed away. This is something that we must do despite the fact that doing so brings us a great deal of pain. Hollis Feeser enjoyed widespread popularity and garnered the esteem of his fellow community members.

Hollis was the kind of person who devoted his entire life to working towards the objective of enhancing the standard of living of those who lived in the area immediately surrounding him. During the course of his employment at the Camp Olson YMCA, he held the position of President for a period of two years (1987-1988) and served on the board of directors for a combined total of twelve years. He served on the board for a cumulative total of 24 years over the course of his career.

The year 1988 marks the year that he passed away; this was the year of his passing away. He volunteered an unfathomable amount of his time at Camp Olson YMCA over the course of countless hours, days, weeks, months, and years. His total amount of time spent there is difficult to calculate. His time spent working there encompassed all of these distinct historical periods. During the entirety of his time working there, he never wavered in his commitment to the organization.

Everyone in this room is going to feel a profound sense of loss when Hollis and his stories are no longer with us. Working on the board with Hollis, who was so enthusiastic about the camp, was a genuine honor owing to the amount of effort he put into it. Hollis’s dedication to the cause was contagious. The excitement that Hollis exuded was infectious. One of the most memorable experiences of my life was the time I got to spend working with Hollis. In addition to contributing exceptional ideas, he always contributed to the discussions an intelligence that was level-headed, analytical, and intelligent. This was a consistent trait of his. This was something that he brought to the table. We will not, under any circumstances, permit him to be forgotten in our thoughts or in any other way.

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