James Mohnike Obituary, Resident Of Sutton Has Sadly Passed Away

James Mohnike Obituary Death – James “Jim” LeRoy Mohnike, who had reached the age of 71 when he went away, was a patient at the Mary Lanning Healthcare Center in Hastings, Nebraska, at the time that he passed away. When he passed away, James “Jim” LeRoy Mohnike was in the process of dying. He has been a client at that facility for some time.

He took his final breath on August 3, 2023, and departed this world shortly afterward. When he was in the neighborhood of Sutton, which is located in the state of Nebraska, he experienced the least amount of anxiety. It was often believed that James “Jim” LeRoy Mohnike was born in Sutton during his whole life. This was the location that most people associated with his birth.

There have been no preparations made, and there are no arrangements made, for any kind of memorial service that will be held in honor of the person who has died away. There are no plans to perform such a service. After he had passed away, his wish that his body be cremated was carried out in the manner that he had commanded to be done, as it was fitting to do so. His wishes were carried out in the manner that he had commanded.

He had asked that his desires be carried out in the manner that he had instructed, and they had complied with his request. Before he passed away, he expressed the desire for his body to be cremated rather than laid to rest in a grave. Before he passed away, he made it clear that he wanted his remains cremated rather than buried in a casket. He felt that this would be a more fitting method to honor his wishes.

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