Jared Bridegan Obituary, Shanna Gardner Fernandez, Ex Wife Of Jared Bridegan Charged With First Degree Murder With Ambush Shooting Conspiracy

Jared Bridegan Obituary Death – According to the official announcement, the police have arrested Jared Bridegan’s wife for his murder. Jared Bridegan was a former executive at Microsoft. Shanna Gardner Fernandez has been charged with murder in the first degree, conspiracy to commit murder in the first degree, and endangering the welfare of a child, according to State Attorney Melissa Nelson.

In February of 2022, Bridegan was killed by a gunshot in a neighborhood located near Jacksonville Beach, Florida. After coming across a tire that had been placed in the center of the road, he was tricked into leaving his vehicle. When he got out of the car to move it, he was shot and killed in front of his daughter, who was two years old at the time and was also in the car. According to the documents filed in the case, multiple gunshots hit the interior of the automobile, just inches away from the young child. Mario Fernandez Saldana and Henry Tenon were the two guys that were taken into custody in connection with the investigation at an earlier time.

Both had some sort of relationship with Garnder Fernandez. Tenon was a tenant at a property that was owned by her husband Saldana, and Saldana was her present husband. Saldana has entered a plea of not guilty to the charge of murder in the first degree, while Tenon has entered a plea of guilty to the charge of murder in the second degree and has agreed to cooperate with investigators. Gardner Fernandez was taken into custody in Washington, and he is going to be sent to Florida so that he may face the accusations there. Both Gardner-Fernandez and Saldana, according to the statements made by the prosecutors, are candidates for the death penalty.

When the shooting started, Bridegan had just finished delivering his twin children to Gardner-Fernandez’s home. He was there when the shooting began. Kirsten Bridegan, who is his current wife and who is now a widow, argued that the killing was not random. Even though Bridegan and Gardner-Fernandez had divorced in 2015, they had not stopped arguing about who would get custody of their twin children who were then 10 years old.

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