Jason Gillum Obituary, Fort Wayne Resident Has Passed Away at Devil’s Lake

Jason Gillum Obituary Death – New material has been supplied by the Department of Natural Resources as part of its ongoing investigation into the death of an Indiana man who was hiking in Devil’s Lake State Park. The investigation is investigating the death of an Indiana man who was hiking in the park when he became separated from another hiker and fell approximately 50 feet prior to his passing.

The organization claims that the man was identified as Jason Gillum by the coroner in Sauk County, and that investigators have come to the conclusion that the death of the Fort Wayne man on Tuesday was the result of an accident. The organization also claims that the coroner in Sauk County has determined that the death was the result of an accident.

In its statement, the DNR repeated the previous charges that Gillum, 42, and the other hiker, whose name was not given, were separated on the West Bluff. Gillum was hiking with another individual whose name was not revealed. Gillum was the only hiker whose whereabouts were known to have been lost. The second hiker reported to the authorities that they had been unsuccessful in their search for Gillum, and they told the authorities that he had disappeared.
At five o’clock the same day, another group of hikers who were in the park at the time discovered his body at the north shore, which is located just south of Baraboo. These hikers were in the park at the time. The DNR has claimed that they do not have any reason to assume that his death was the result of any kind of foul play.


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