Jason Lewis Obituary, Member Of Bunnell Police Department Has Sadly Passed Away

 Jason Lewis Obituary Death – Deputy Jason Lewis, 45, who had been with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office since 2010, passed away today after a tough battle with a brief illness. Deputy Lewis had been with the agency since 2010. He had been working for the firm since the year 2010. The year 2010 marked the beginning of Deputy Lewis’ employment with the organization.

Both as a member of our SWAT team and our beach unit, which both had important responsibilities and contributed greatly, Deputy Lewis served with bravery and distinction during his entire tenure with the department. Both of these units had significant responsibilities and contributed significantly. In addition to the responsibilities of a cherished son and brother, he also assumed the role of a doting father to his two children. His children are his pride and joy, and he is devoted to their well-being. This position was responsible for the creation of his offspring.

I would like to express my deepest condolences, on behalf of Sheriff Chitwood and the entire Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, to the members of the dead person’s family, loved ones, and friends who are going through this difficult time right now. I know that you are all going through a difficult time right now.
In addition to that, we would like to bring the request that is detailed down below to the attention of the people who are a part of our community:

Please take a few minutes out of your day to acknowledge Deputy Lewis for the years of service that he has provided without expecting anything in return. Residents of Volusia County are feeling a great deal of frustration as a direct result of the fact that he did not show up to the meeting that took place today.

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