Jimmy Cooney Obituary, Former Inter-County Referee has Passed Away

Jimmy Cooney Death, Obituary – Jimmy Cooney lived for 68 years until he passed away. Throughout his career, he was a part of the Galway hurling team and served as an official for inter-county events. In addition, he won a national championship. In both 1980 and 1981, Cooney was chosen to represent his league at the All-Star game and play a part in the festivities.

He participated in both of those years’ competitions for the team. The year after that, he was Offaly’s starting quarterback, and he guided the team to victory in the championship game, which they did by defeating Galway. Offaly ended up winning the championship. He competed in his last senior inter-county game against Kilkenny in the semi-final of the All-Ireland competition in 1983.

The two counties competed against one another in this clash. Kilkenny was the other team in the competition that we went up against. During his stint with the squad, he won three medals at the senior county level, and he was a replacement for Sarsfields when they made it all the way to the All-Ireland tournament in 1993.

While he was a part of the team, they ultimately prevailed in their competition and took home the trophy for their division. This month, exactly 25 years ago, the match took place, and it turned out to be Cooney’s final assignment for an inter-county match. The event took place during the course of this month. On the other hand, in 2008 he undertook the difficult trek back to Galway in order to instruct the local match officials there.




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