Jimmy Longworth Obituary, Former Posh Player Peacefully Passed Away

Jimmy Longworth Death, Obituary – Jimmy Longworth, a former football player for the Peterborough United football club, passed away on July 26, 2023, at the age of 90 in a nursing home in the neighborhood. Longworth played for the Peterborough United football team. Longworth was a member of the football team that represented Peterborough United.

As soon as they heard the news of his passing, those who were particularly close to him were overcome with an enormous sense of sorrow. Jimmy finished his career with the first team having made a total of 38 appearances, the majority of which were spent playing on the left wing, and he finished with 25 goals to his name.

In addition to that, he was a participant in the games played by the Reserves while he was a member of the team. On the other hand, Jimmy had a broken leg during the course of that season, which restricted the number of times he could make public appearances. As a direct consequence of this, there was a decrease in the number of times he appeared in public.

This took place on November 10th, 1956, while the team was traveling to Doncaster Rovers Reserves for a match. The match was being played away from the team’s normal venue. Alongside Jimmy, who is one of my closest friends, I had the honor and pleasure of practicing and competing in exhibition matches for our neighborhood team, Mitchells. His children Ben, Laura, and Andrew, along with the other members of his family, have our deepest condolences, and everyone here at Posh sends our profound condolences.



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