Joseph Bonner Obituary, Joseph Bonner Has Passed Away Unexpectedly

Joseph Bonner Obituary, Death – According to the Indiana police, a “mass shooting” that occurred early Sunday morning at a huge party resulted in the death of one individual. According to a statement from the hospital, there are currently 19 patients being treated for various injuries.

According to a story from The Star Press, soon after 1 a.m., Muncie police officers responded to several reports of gunfire on the east side of the city. In a press statement, the police stated that there was no active threat to the community and that “multiple” individuals were hurt, including several in a serious condition. several of the victims were badly injured.

“Due to the number of victims and the nature of the incident, multiple agencies were contacted to assist,” Muncie Deputy Police Chief Melissa Criswell stated in a statement that was given to The Star Press.

According to a post that was made on the department’s Facebook page, a significant number of police officers from the neighboring town of Eaton were among those who supplied help. Chief Jay Turner of the Eaton Police Department referred to the incident as a “mass shooting.”

Officials at Indiana University Health Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie told The Associated Press that 19 victims were treated in their emergency department for injuries related to the shooting, and 13 victims remained at the hospital in stabilized condition Sunday morning. The number of people injured was not disclosed by the police. According to Criswell, some of the patients had life-threatening injuries and were taken to other institutions via medical helicopter.

According to The Star Press, the Delaware County Coroner Gavin Greene identified the deceased individual as Joseph E. Bonner III, who was 30 years old.

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