Julie Roberts Obituary, A Native of Canton Ohio (Akron ) Has Sadly Passed Away

Julie Roberts Obituary, Death – On July 14, 2023, Julie Roberts, who had been born and raised in the city of Canton, Ohio (which is now known as Akron), passed away. Julie Roberts had been a resident of the city her entire life. The news of her passing came as a shocking and unwelcome surprise to everyone. She was born and raised in the city that she currently called home for the entirety of her life. She has a total of 51 years of experience under her belt.

Her companion of the past 13 years, Sonny Middour, as well as her children Cody Dilts, Jake Roberts, and Joe Roberts, her five grandchildren, and a huge number of her other family members and friends will remember her with affection. She will be much missed. She passed away not too long ago. Many people are going to miss her terribly. In addition to having a heart that is generous, warm, and inviting, she possesses a temperament that is kind and kind, making her a wonderful person to be around.

She had a genuine affection for her family, and she had the gift of being able to see the best in other people by looking past their shortcomings and focussing on what they had going for them rather than what they were lacking in their lives rather than dwelling on what they did not have. Even after her death, she will live on in the hearts and thoughts of those who knew her as a person who left a lasting impression.

However, a memorial service will be performed in her honor on August 12, 2023 at one o’clock in the afternoon at the Full Gospel Tabernacle, which can be found at 939 Utica Avenue in Akron, Ohio 44312; the exact address of the building can be seen in the sentence that came before this one. The date of the event and the time of the service have not been decided upon as of yet.

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