Linda Copp Obituary, 74-Year-Old, of Woodstock, Has Suddenly Passed Away

Linda Copp Obituary, Death – The grieving community at Heishman Funeral Home, Inc. would like to express their condolences to the Ellis-Copp family on the passing of Linda “Jean” Ellis-Copp. The Ellis-Copp family was a longtime customer of the funeral home. A significant portion of Linda “Jean” Ellis-Copp’s professional life was spent serving the needs of the funeral home. The passing of Linda “Jean” Ellis-Copp was only just lately brought to the attention of those living in the area.

There was also a spelling of her name that was Jean. At the time of her passing on August 4, 2023, Linda “Jean” Ellis-Copp, who had lived in Woodstock and had a total of 74 years under her belt, had reached the age of 74. She passed away at the house that she had called home for the bulk of her life and in which she had spent the majority of her time from childhood. The day she passed away was August 4th, 2023, which was precisely one year from today.

Her death was recorded in the medical records as having occurred on August 4th, the documentation shows. This particular day was cited as the reason for her passing away. Jean entered the world on February 15, 1949, the day after Valentine’s Day, in the city of Baltimore, which is situated within the state of Maryland. At the time, she was the only child of her parents. Before their daughter was born, the daughter’s parents, Betty Kelly and Paul Foster Kelly, had both passed away.

Their daughter was born without them. They were not present when their daughter was brought into the world. Her mother was Betty Kelly, and her father was Paul Foster Kelly. She was given the same name as her mother. She was an only child and had no brothers or sisters. She now goes by a monicker that is a blend of their two names, yet everyone calls her by the former. Her name is a composite of her mother’s and her father’s names, which at some point in her family’s history were consolidated into a single surname. Her name was created by combining the two names. Her given name includes both her mother’s married name and her mother’s maiden name.

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