Margaret Hollerbach Obituary, Funeral Service Will Be At 1991 Overlook Drive, Winter Haven, Florida 33884.

Margaret Hollerbach Obituary, Death – Margaret L. Hollerbach, who had reached the age of 84 and was living in Lake Wales, Florida with her family when she passed away at home, did so in a calm and unruffled manner. She was living in Florida with her family when she passed away. At the time of her passing, she was surrounded by her family in Florida, where she had been living.

They were on vacation in Florida when her mother passed away, where she was with the rest of her family. When she passed away, she and her family had lived in that region for a sizeable amount of time, making it their permanent home before her demise. Her family members were with her when she passed away, and they were all living in Florida at the time; she had been a resident of that state for a significant amount of time at the time of her passing.

Memorial Services will be performed in honor of those who have passed away on July 28, 2023 at nine in the morning at Saint Matthew Catholic Church in Winter Haven, Florida, which is located in the 33884 zip code. These services will be held in honor of those who have passed away. These memorial services will be held at Saint Matthew Catholic Church in honor of those who have passed away and will be held there.

The address of the location where the funeral ritual will take place, 33884, may be found above. It is possible to get in touch with the church by calling the telephone number that is shown for it, which is also the same number that is published for its address (1991 Overlook Drive). You will have the ability to speak with members of the community church if you go to this location.

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