Marie Borsuk Obituary, The World Karting Association Member Has Died

Marie Borsuk Obituary, Death – WKA is in mourning over the loss of Marie Borsuk, who departed this world this morning. The World Karting Association moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, in the year 1990. It was obvious that a new staff needed to be assembled.

Marie Borsuk was one of the first people to join that team after it was assembled. Marie’s role inside the business shifted from one of performing routine administrative tasks to becoming more public-facing after that time.

The norm was to put in countless hours of preparation time before each event. managing the registration process for some of the WKA’s most important races is one example. One of the things that she is most proud of is the contribution that she made to the development and continuing success of Kartfest. Kartfest was among the most important consumer events that the karting business has ever seen. Marie took it upon herself to ensure that it would be successful in the long run.

Those of you who knew Marie will recall the smile she had that made people want to be around her. She had a lot of love for her karting family, and we all had a lot of love for her. She had the ability to be forthright in a manner that did not come across as offensive, but it did ensure that you paid attention to what she had to say.

There was very nothing in the organization that Marie did not know how to perform or that she did not comprehend. She is the employee at WKA with the longest tenure of anyone else there. Not only will the WKA never be the same again, but without a doubt, the sport of karting itself will also never be the same. Marie was a wonderful illustration of the unending dedication that is necessary for the continuation of our sport.

The sport of karting has suffered the loss of a friend, colleague, and mentor. You will be profoundly missed by all of us, Marie, but our hearts and minds will always remember your strong leadership and the warm, passionate personality you possessed.
Randy Kugler has shared some encouraging remarks.
This morning, Marie was encircled by her family as she got ready. There will be arrangements made shortly.

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