Marvin Yaker Obituary, Marvin Yaker Has Unexpectedly Passed Away

Marvin Yaker Obituary, Death – The passing of my father, Marvin Yaker, occurred yesterday evening. One of the most mild-mannered and charitable people I have ever met, and I am privileged to have been his son. He became my father when I was 18 years old (he and my mother had been dating for a few years, but they wanted to wait until I was nearly finished with my high school education before remarrying). Due to the fact that my father, John, went away when I was still very little).

In some ways, I was more like to him than I was to my mother, and there were times when people thought that we were biologically connected. We both had a strong interest in baseball, and whenever we spoke on the phone together, he would frequently begin by attempting to stump me with some obscure baseball fact or piece of current trivia. Being of a generation in which that gender-specific ritual held more significance, it was one of the most meaningful experiences for me to finally have a father-son catch the summer after my parents got married.

I will always remember that moment. Because of him and the fact that I unexpectedly found myself to be the youngest of four children, I gained a fresh perspective on the dynamics of a family’s love and discovered the greatest delight in the birth of my nephews. It was because of him that both my mother and I decided to make room in our hearts and homes for dogs. An omen was sent to me when I came across the ideal puppy looking for a home that was also named Marvin.

I took that dog into my home and cared for him for the next 15 years. My mother had an incredible amount of love, happiness, and partnership with Marvin throughout their more than three decades together. Both Marvins, but especially the human one, had a significant impact on my life. May you finally find rest, Marv. We’ll never stop talking, and you can be sure that you’ll always hold a special place in both my thoughts and my heart.

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