Matty Irlam Obituary, Callum Kent Pays Tribute

Matty Irlam Obituary, Death – I am overwhelmed with grief and sorrow upon learning of the untimely passing of my dear friend, Matty Irlam. The news of his departure from this world has left a void in my heart that feels impossible to fill. I can hardly believe that he’s no longer with us, especially considering the lifelong connection we shared.

My friendship with Matty dates back to our early days at Wistaston Green Primary School, a bond that has endured for a remarkable 25 years. We embarked on our educational journey together, progressing from Wizzy Green to Kings Grove, sharing countless memories, laughter, and the occasional mischief along the way. We grew up side by side, facing life’s trials and tribulations as a team.

What adds to the profound shock of this tragedy is the cruel reminder that Matty was, like me, in the prime of his life. It’s a stark realization that the future he deserved was cruelly taken from him far too soon. The unfairness of it all weighs heavily on my heart. My thoughts and prayers are with Matty’s family and all of his friends who are grappling with the immense pain of his loss. I can only imagine the depth of their sorrow and wish them strength and solace during this excruciatingly difficult time.

I find a glimmer of comfort in picturing Matty looking down on us from the heavens, reunited with other departed friends like Simon, Eric, and Sean. I can almost see them sharing a drink, reminiscing about old times, and enjoying a few WKDs, just like they used to. It’s a bittersweet thought, knowing that he’s in a better place, yet still yearning for his presence here on Earth.

Matty, my dear friend, you will be sorely missed. Your laughter, your warmth, and your friendship were a cherished part of my life, and I will forever hold onto the memories we created together. Rest in peace, my friend, and may your spirit find eternal peace among the stars.

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