Maurice Leach Obituary, Killed In Fatal Car Accident On Westinghouse Blvd and Rodney street

Maurice Leach Obituary, Death – My son, Maurice Leach, passed away on July 27th. He was in a fatal car accident on Westinghouse Blvd and Rodney street.. crash unit lead detective Justin Kupfer speculates that his speed was a contributing factor to his death. Reese was traveling westbound on Westinghouse Blvd. On Rodney street at the stop sign sat a landscaping truck driven by Edgardo Mejia, an unlicensed driver in a company truck.

He made a left turn onto Westinghouse Blvd where my son was traveling. This ended in my son’s Infiniti hitting the left rear side of this landscaping truck which caused his car to go into incoming traffic ending in a head on collision with a ford van. It took CMPD roughly 6 and a half hours to notify me that my son had passed away claiming he didn’t have his license on him. I went to see his car yesterday and to my surprise his license and bank card were in the floorboard of the driver seat.

For 2 weeks all I’ve heard is Reese was speeding. What about this landscaping truck that took that left turn. Does CMPD honestly think that a citation for driving without a license is all that a driver who clearly had a stop sign and proceeded to take that left turn is all they should get. My son had the right of way. And speed so far has been a speculation. My son lost his life. I work 4-5 miles from the scene of the accident and I wasn’t notified until 6 hours plus later. He’s not here to give his side of what happened.

But I want answers… Edgardo Mejia, DOB 7/3/96 driving the 1997 Isuzu landscaping truck, plates NC TLV4421, you saw my sons car coming and yet you took that turn. Your negligence needs to be brought to light not just my sons speed. This is not going to bring him back to me, I know this. But I know had Reese had time to react and avoid this landscaping truck he would have. These are pictures that were sent to me by Safiyya Ganzie.. a lady who was behind this landscaping truck at the stop sign of Rodney street and Westinghouse Blvd. A woman who called 911 trying to get him help. Since when is pulling out into traffic without taking precautions ok ?? Since when is driving without a license ok

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