Motaung Teleko Obituary, Member Of Groovists Player Has Sadly Passed Away

Motaung Teleko Obituary Death -The news that one of the members of our very own Groovists band has passed away is extremely upsetting for us to report, and we would like to extend our condolences to the surviving members of the band for the loss that they have endured as a direct result of this tragedy.

Motaung Teleko At one point in time, Teleko was a member of the Sunshine FC team, which at the time was a squad that participated in a league that featured competitive football. During this time of loss and suffering, we made it a top priority to convey our most heartfelt condolences to those in our inner circle who were the closest to us in terms of both family and friendship.

We made this a priority because they were the people to whom we were closest in terms of both family and friendship. Because these were the people who, in terms of both family and friendship, we were closest to on a personal level, we made this a priority for ourselves. To each and every one of them, we conveyed our deepest sympathies and condolences on their loss.

We wanted to make sure that they were aware of the level of concern that we had for them, so we made sure that they were aware of that concern. Our goal was to ensure that they were aware of the level of care that we had for them. The memorial service will be held on the following Saturday, at nine in the morning, and it will take place immediately after the funeral. Following the conclusion of the funeral service, the burial will take place at his home. Tsamaya ka Kgotso ngwanabo rona

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