Motorcycle Accident: Genevieve Escalante, GoFundMe Opened For Hospital Bills of Crash Victim

Genevieve Escalante Accident – Genevieve Escalante, my 23-year-old daughter, has been through a horrible accident that has left her struggling for her life. Today, we come together to support this incredible young woman. When Genevieve was just three months old, she tragically lost her father in a vehicle accident, which marked the beginning of her journey.

In her life, her father’s love of motorbikes and skill in creating custom choppers served as a compass, and she tried to relate to him by following in his footsteps. She accepted her father’s inheritance at age 21 and pursued her artistic passion as a tattoo artist. Genevieve’s passion for motorbikes turned into a source of happiness and solace for her, allowing her to honor her father’s memory through her own set of two wheels.

On July 14, however, destiny had other plans for Genevieve. She came across a construction zone near San Clemente with no left shoulder because of a cement construction barrier while riding her motorcycle on the northbound 5 highway. Sadly, traffic abruptly stopped, giving her no opportunity to respond and no room to move safely.

The results were heartbreaking. Genevieve was involved in a terrible accident after her motorcycle crashed with the vehicle in front of her. She sustained a severe brain injury after her helmet blew off, which put her in a medically induced coma. She also suffered significant wounds, including fractures to her hand, foot, pelvis, cranium, and other bones. The road rash on her foot will also require plastic surgery to be repaired.

Doctors are still unsure of the exact extent of her brain impairment because she is still in a critical medical condition, so every day feels like a waiting game. We are frantic for Genevieve to get better and resume her love of painting because she is in a dangerous circumstance. We sincerely request your help today.

The goal of this GoFundMe campaign is to generate money to pay for Genevieve’s medical bills, rigorous rehabilitation, and the specialized care she will require as she makes her way back to health. Our goal is to make sure she may concentrate fully on her recovery while also knowing that our family and we are not going through this difficult path by ourselves. All funds will be kept in a trust account before being delivered to Genevieve. Click HERE to support.

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