Murder: Jim Doty Obituary, Hutchinson, Kansas Native Killed In Cibolo, Texas Jugging Attack

Jim Doty Obituary, Death, Murder – Jim Doty of Hutchinson, Kansas has sadly passed away. We are writing to express our sincere sympathies as we inform you of Jim’s passing on July 12. He died as a result of brain injuries he received as a result of the brutal attack he was the victim of on June 15 that involved juggling.

The moment he exited a bank in Cibolo, Texas, carrying cash, a number of cowards and dirty scum turned their attention to him. They followed him from the bank to the shop, waiting for him there in an ambush to steal his money. The neighborhood police are attempting to track down these murderers, but they have stated that even if they are apprehended, they will not face any charges of murder.

The neighborhood police are still making these efforts, though. This mindset endures despite the fact that video evidence, photographic evidence, and the findings of the autopsy all point to the fact that he died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head. After everything that has happened, we are both inconsolable and enraged.

But we have decided that we will keep fighting for Jim’s right to justice until it is our turn to draw our last breath. Jim Doty was not just a competent manager, but also a wonderful friend and a heroic representative of humanity. He passed away not long ago. Together, we were coworkers at USARC FP. I’m in utter and utter astonishment about the horrible circumstances surrounding his death.

I just sent you a message via Messenger; if there is anything I can do to help, especially considering that he will be laid to rest in Arlington, let me know. I’ve also offered to pay for any expenses related to his funeral and burial. Charlotte, know that I will be thinking about you and I send you my best wishes.

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