Paul Thomason Obituary, 58, Died After Being Hit By Vehicle On I-85 In Greenville Co

Paul Thomason Obituary, Death – A vehicle in South Carolina went onto the shoulder of Interstate 185 on Wednesday morning and struck a pedestrian who was walking there. The incident occurred in South Carolina. South Carolina was the location where the event took place. The South Carolina Highway Patrol stated that the pedestrian was unable to recuperate from their injuries and was pronounced dead later that day as a result of their condition. The occurrence took place at an earlier time in the day.

The incident reportedly took place on the part of Interstate 185 that is northbound near mile marker 16 at approximately 6:18 in the morning. The reports from the Highway Patrol state that the incident took place on this roadway. According to the comments made by the law enforcement authorities who responded to the scene of the accident, the Dodge sedan was moving in the direction of northbound traffic on Interstate 185 at the time of the collision that occurred between a pedestrian who was attempting to cross Interstate 185 and the sedan, which was going in the direction of northbound traffic on Interstate 185.

The comments were made by the law enforcement authorities who responded to the scene of the accident. It was said that the pedestrian was taken to the hospital to receive treatment, but sadly, they did not make it through their time spent there. The unfortunate fact is that the pedestrian was a pedestrian. According to the reports, the individual had injuries that ultimately proved deadly. The information that was provided by the Greenville County Coroner revealed that the deceased person was identified as Paul Thomason Jr., and that he was 58 years old when he passed away. It was found out that the person who passed away was named Paul Thomason Jr. The individual who conducted the investigation into the deceased shared this information with us.

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