Preston Kuhn Motorcycle Accident, Hundred West Virginia Resident has died

Kuhn Motorcycle Accident, Death – Two persons were sadly killed after they were involved in a motorcycle accident that took place in Mount Pleasant Township, which is located in Westmoreland County. The accident occurred as a consequence of the collision between the two motorcycles that they were riding.

The accident took occurred on Tuesday evening in the 7600 block of State Route 819 just a few minutes after 7:30 o’clock in the evening. According to the findings of the office of the Westmoreland County coroner, Timothy Kuhns, 50, of Greensburg, was driving a motorcycle while Jennifer Ramsey, 44, of Greensburg, was riding as his passenger. Both individuals were from Greensburg. At the site, Kuhns’s death was confirmed by medical personnel.

Both of these individuals have their roots in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. While the other individual was driving the motorcycle, Kuhns was the one operating it. The other individual was driving the motorcycle. Kuhn was unable to navigate a turn in the road, which led to his going off the roadway and collapsing, as shown by the findings of the autopsy, which was performed after his death.

Both Kuhns and Ramsey were able to properly disembark the motorcycle; however, they were subsequently ejected from it while it was still going. Neither one of them made it through the fall alive. Reports indicate that when the coroner arrived at the scene of the tragedy, he or she pronounced both victims dead at the scene. They were not protecting their heads in any way by wearing a helmet of any kind. Neither one of them was. At this moment, the investigation has been handed over to the state police so that they can continue looking into the matter.










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