Richard Face Obituary, Labor Member Of Parliament Has Passed Away

Richard Face Obituary Death – When I found out that Richard Face, the guy who had once represented Charlestown in the House of Representatives, had passed away, I was both shocked and struck with regret. Richard Face had served in that capacity for many years. He was a true gentleman who was well-respected throughout the whole labor movement. He represented the Labor Party in Parliament for a total of thirty years. His tenure there spanned the entirety of the movement’s history.

Those who were particularly close to him and members of his family are going to go through a tremendous lot of suffering as a result of his passing. Richard and I both grew up in the same neighborhood, and our homes were only a few houses apart from one another. He was a pleasant person who never lost his enthusiasm for conversing with others and imparting both his wisdom and his experience to them. Additionally, he was a well-respected authority in his profession.

We are all going to miss Richard very much after he is no longer with us. An outstanding senior drum major for pipe bands who is also a stunning individual in their own right. My spouse is acquainted with Sir Richard since he plays the bagpipes, and they’ve known each other for a long amount of time. Since he was the one who hung the first Dick in Charlestown, all the credit should go to him. If my memory serves me well, Adam used to run for office when he was just a youngster sometime in the 1970s with this phrase as his campaign slogan.

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