Robert Carter Obituary, 70-Year-Old, of Ash, NC Has Unexpectedly Passed Away

Robert Carter Obituary, Death – Robert Eugene “Gene” Carter, Jr., who was 70 years old at the time of his death, passed away at his home in Whitehall, Montana, on the evening of Saturday, August 12, 2023. Whitehall, in the state of Montana, is his hometown. During the final moments of his life, loving ones from both of his families were there to care for him. Those who cared for him and loved him from both of his families were by his side as he breathed his last breaths and passed away.

Gene Eugene Carter was born on July 25, 1953 in the city of Whiteville, which is located in the state of North Carolina. Robert Eugene “Gene” Carter, Jr., his father, was a native of Ash, which is located in North Carolina. Both Ash, North Carolina and Whitehall, Montana were places that Robert Eugene “Gene” Carter, Jr. called home at one point in his life. Gene Eugene Carter was born after both of his parents had passed away prior to his birth. Gene Eugene Carter was their only child.

Robert Eugene Carter, Sr. and Jimmy Elizabeth Bright Carter were his parents. He was named after his father. Elizabeth Bright Carter was his mother. His father was Jimmy Carter. The man who was responsible for his upbringing went by the full name Robert Eugene Carter, Senior. They decided to give their child the name Gene Eugene Carter after themselves. Before Gene was born, both of his grandfathers, Jerry DeLane Carter and James Patrick Carter, as well as his great-grandfather, William H.

“Billy” Carter, all passed away. Also, Gene’s father, Jerry DeLane Carter, as well as all three of Gene’s brothers, James Patrick Carter, and William H. “Billy” Carter, did the same thing. In a similar manner, Gene Carter’s father, Jerry DeLane Carter, had already passed away before his son was born. His grandson, Robert Ethan, followed in his grandfather’s footsteps and left at the same time. They were both unsuccessful in their attempts to stay alive.

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