Robert Needham Obituary, Horrific Murder of Robert Needham Whole Family

Robert Needham Obituary, Death – On Thursday evening (July 27), the British television network ITV will broadcast a brand new episode of the murder mystery series Murder in the Family. This episode will mostly concentrate on the horrible crimes that were performed against Kelly Fitzgibbons and her two young children, Ava, who was four years old, and Lexi, who was two years old.

The broadcast of the program is scheduled to begin at eight o’clock in the evening. This episode will investigate the situation by using film of the defendant’s family gatherings as well as interviews with people who are not typical witnesses. A particular emphasis will be placed on the defendant’s relative in this episode.

Robert Needham, Kelly’s husband, went wild in March 2020 and murdered his entire family before taking his own life one week into the initial coronavirus lockdown. This occurred. Before taking his own life, Robert slaughtered Kelly’s family members and then turned the gun on himself. Kelly’s partner was one of those that passed away, unfortunately.

At their property in the countryside of West Sussex, the 42-year-old used a shotgun that he had lawfully acquired to kill Kelly, Ava, and Lexi, as well as the family dog, before turning the pistol on himself. Kelly, Ava, and Lexi were killed before the man turned the gun on himself. On March 29, 2020, Kelly’s uncle Ronald Peacock discovered the bodies of her family and their dog. He also located the dog’s body.  An investigation into the deaths revealed that a delivery driver was the last person to communicate with the family while they were still alive. This information was uncovered as a result of the investigation. This data emerged as a direct consequence of the research that was carried out.



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