Robert Thomson Obituary, Member of 44th Glasgow Boys’ Brigade Has Sadly Died

Robert Thomson Obituary, Death – It is our duty to inform each and every one of you of the passing of Robert (Bobby) Thomson at this time, and we do so with sad hearts despite the fact that we are required to fulfill this obligation. Bobby was just 13 years old when he joined the 44th Infantry in 1949 and enlisted in the military. Following many years of devoted service, his efforts were finally acknowledged in 1979 when he was promoted to the rank of captain.

Up until 1993, he was employed in such manner. After that, he was elevated to the position of President, and in the year 2001, he presided over our celebration of our 100th anniversary. Following that, he was raised to the post of President. Bobby was able to have a significant impact on the lives of a large number of these people because he was a positive role model for a large number of young boys and adolescents during the course of his extensive commitment with the 44.

This allowed Bobby to have an impact on the lives of a large number of these people. During every difficult moment, we will continue to keep his family and the people he loves most in our thoughts and prayers. The specifics of his funeral preparations will be made public as soon as all of the decisions pertaining to them have been finalized in their totality. It is with deep regret that I must share some terrible news.

Bobby was someone who I had a huge amount of respect for over the course of a number of years, both as a friend outside of the 44th and as a fellow member of the unit. RIP It makes me sad to read that Bobby was so busy that he never got the chance to have a conversation because of how busy he was. An exemplar of what it means to be a gentleman.

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