Ryan Yingling Missing, Phoenix Police Department Officer Missing Since 9/6/2023

Ryan Yingling Missing – In a distressing turn of events, the Phoenix community is rallying together to find Ryan Kendall Yingling, a 48-year-old white male who mysteriously went missing on September 6, 2023. The details surrounding his disappearance have left friends, family, and law enforcement deeply concerned for his well-being.

Ryan Kendall Yingling is described as a 48-year-old male, standing at an impressive 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighing approximately 220 pounds. He has brown hair and brown eyes, making him easily recognizable to those who know him. At the time of his disappearance, Ryan was operating a 2016 Dodge Dart 4door, painted in a vivid red color. The vehicle bears an Arizona license plate with the number NRA6CK, although it’s possible that an unknown temporary license plate may have been used.

Ryan was last seen in the area of North 23rd Avenue and West Parkside Lane. His family has had no contact with him since that day, which has left them understandably anxious and concerned about his safety. The search for Ryan Kendall Yingling has mobilized the entire community, with friends, family.

And law enforcement agencies joining forces to piece together the puzzle of his disappearance. Ryan Aker and Kim Aker, who have known Ryan Yingling and his family for two decades, are actively involved in raising awareness about his disappearance. They are urging people to share information in the hopes of locating him and ensuring his safe return home.

In a heartfelt plea, Scott Yingling, Ryan’s brother, has reached out to the public for any information about Ryan’s whereabouts. He acknowledges the challenging and distressing time that the family is going through and implores anyone who may have heard from Ryan to contact the Phoenix Police Department immediately. The Phoenix Police Department’s Missing Persons Unit is actively investigating Ryan Yingling’s disappearance and is seeking any information that could aid in locating him.

If you have seen Ryan or have any information about his whereabouts or the red 2016 Dodge Dart he was driving, please do not hesitate to contact the authorities. You can reach the Phoenix Police Department Missing Persons Unit at (602) 534-2121 or via email at daniel.nonnemacher@phoenix.gov. If you have information to share after hours, please call (602) 262-6151.

Detective Nonnemacher, identified as #9437, can be reached directly at 602-495-5394, and Sergeant Feist, identified as #8027, can be reached at 602-534-3042. The Phoenix community stands united in its efforts to locate Ryan Kendall Yingling and bring him back to his family. Every share, every piece of information, and every effort counts in this mission to find him and ensure his safety.

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