Santa Anna Obituary, woman struck And Killed ByTruck Driver

Santa Anna Obituary Death -North Las Vegas, Nevada: The names of the three young people who were killed in the accident have been released by the authorities. Three young people, all of whom were younger than 16 years old, lost their lives in a car accident in North Las Vegas last week. All of the victims were younger than 16 years old.

The names of the three people who were killed in the accident were released by the office of the coroner on Monday. They are as follows: D’maje Keith, 15 years old; Gourney Childs, 13 years old; and Bobby Jones Jr., 13 years old. The driver of the stolen 2017 Kia Soul that the youngsters were driving in, according to the North Las Vegas Police Department, lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a light post on Wednesday night near the intersection of North Martin Luther King Boulevard and West Carey Avenue. The crash was ultimately responsible for the teenagers’ passing away.

According to the reports of the police, the impact entirely split the vehicle down the middle. The findings of the investigation by the coroner indicate that Childs passed away at University Medical Centre, while Keith and Jones Jr. both died at the scene of the accident. It was established that injuries sustained from blunt force were the official cause of death for each of the three youths. According to the police, there were two additional people in the automobile, and following the incident, both of them were rushed to University Medical Centre with injuries that were thought to be life-threatening.

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