Shelbee Wilhelm Obituary, Longtime Resident of Beaumont, TX, Has Died, Family Mourns

Shelbee Wilhelm Obituary, Death – The untimely passing of my childhood closest friend has prompted me to reflect on the significance of her role in my life. The first day of kindergarten, I thought she was so attractive that I decided I wanted to be her friend so I made her laugh by pretending to fall out of my chair. Because I wanted to be her friend so much, I thought it would make her laugh.

We all graduated from Mrs. Young’s class together, and in Mrs. Cockrell’s class, we sang about how we’d lost our teeth. While listening to Ciara and Hilary Duff on her grandmother’s porch, my friend and I wrote each other notes on our Gameboy DS systems. I don’t have any pictures from the several sleepovers we had at each other’s homes or the birthdays we celebrated together with each other because I never thought to take any.

For five consecutive summers, she was my roommate at Camp Pearl. There is not a single negative recollection that I have of Shelbee Wilhelm, despite the fact that time and distance will inevitably cause us to age and become less connected to one another. I want to express my gratitude for the excellent friend that you are.

Shelbee Wilhelm was one of the kindest and most pleasant people you would ever get the opportunity to meet. She was able to make me chuckle at any given moment. And was an absolute pleasure to be in the company. She is incredibly dear to my heart. This past week has been quite challenging for me to get through because you are not here with me anymore, shell.

I simply cannot believe this. Everyone who had the privilege of knowing her will lament her passing. My thoughts and feelings will never forget her. And I am certain that she would like it if I smiled more often. I’ve decided to give Shelbee a shot. You have my love.

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