Sophie Trevitt Obituary, Member Of Chansey Paech Member for Gwoja Has Died

Sophie Trevitt Obituary Death- The news that Sophie Trevitt will be leaving has caused me to feel a sense of loss that is strong and profound. The reason for this is that Sophie has been a wonderful friend. She put forth a lot of effort to advance and protect human rights, and her ardent campaign to raise the minimum age of criminal responsibility was a major component in the successful completion of this significant reform, which was also implemented here in the NT.

This reform was a big step towards making the NT a more equitable and just place to live. She was successful in having the age of criminal responsibility increased to 18 years old from the previous age of 16. She was a dedicated activist who battled for the growth and protection of human rights, and her name was Sophie. While she was living in Mparntwe /Alice Springs, she did not waver in her dedication to supporting First Nations children and their families in the process of establishing more stable and safe communities.

Alice Springs was her location at the time in question. Despite the fact that she was working at the First Nations Child and Family Centre, she continued to participate in these events. During this difficult time, my thoughts are with Sophie’s family and friends. Please accept my sincerest condolences. Because she was a passionate activist for the issues that were important to her, her presence in our lives would be severely missed because she was a part of those causes.

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