Stabbing In London Today, Man Arrested After Stabbing Near British Museum

Stabbing In London Today: The Metropolitan Police stated that a man was injured in a stabbing that took place outside of the British Museum in central London on Tuesday. They also stated that the incident was an isolated one and that it was not being treated as being related to terrorism.

A male suspect was taken into custody at the time. According to a statement made by the police, the victim, who had been stabbed in the arm, was taken to the hospital for treatment. The assault took place at approximately ten in the morning outside of the gate at the main entrance of the museum, which is among the most visited tourist destinations in London. The museum was forced to be evacuated, and then thereafter it was closed for around two hours.

By midday, there was a significant police presence in front of the museum, and numerous restaurants in the area had already shuttered their doors. According to a statement released by the British Museum, which boasts an annual attendance of more than four million people, new safety measures have been implemented. When I arrived at the museum in the early afternoon, it had just reopened, and there was already a queue of several hundred people waiting to enter.

Lindsay McCollum, who was in London on a trip from California, stated that she had only been waiting a few minutes to enter the museum when she found out about the attack. “We’re in a big city, and things happen,” Ms. McCollum, who is 46 years old, explained. Another visitor, Spencer Havener, 25, from Colorado, said he was standing in line when he witnessed droves of people streaming out of the building. Havener is originally from Colorado. Because of the forecast for the weather in London on Tuesday, he intended to go to the museum. He explained, “I figured it would be rainy today, so I figured it would be a good day to go to the museum and walk around inside.”

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